Of The Year Awards

Of The Year Awards are awards given out at the Residence Life Awards at the end of school year to recognize the significant achievements accomplished by the many individuals and groups present within Residence Life. They are modeled to look like the Bid Style Awards that are given at the Regional and National level of IACURH and NACURH. Listed below are the nine awards that are granted each year. Descriptions of each award will be given out during normal RHA and NRHH meetings closer to the submission date.


  • Advisor of the Year Award
  • Community of the Year Award
  • Program of the Year Award
  • Community Council of the Year Award

Students are welcome to and encouraged to make each OTY their own through themes, photos, and their writing. However, there are several requirements that all OTYs must meet. These elements will be looked over by the National Communications Coordinator (NCC) and the Vice President of Recognition & Service at the initial submission of the OTY for Policy Check, with edits to consider sent back to the author. A full presentation on the requirements and about the bids themselves will be given during a regularly scheduled RHA and NRHH meeting in the Spring Semester.

General Requirements for the Of The Year Awards:

  • Page numbers starting at the title page
  • A minimum of 2 quotes
    • From students or staff about the subject of the OTY
  • The cover page must have:
    • The name of the award
    • The hall that is submitting it
    • The year for the award
    • The name of the nominee